Something else to do to keep me away from models!

Welcome to my blog, where you can compare your degree of scale modeling procrastination against mine (it ought to make you feel good, I’m sure). Here it is, the start of June, and I’ve finished one model this year, a 1:72 Harley Davidson WLA, which is about an inch and a quarter long. I built it while recovering from gall bladder surgery. It’s neat, but I ought to do better than that.

Why don’t I finish anything? Well, I could blame the Journal, or the success of Inside CRM, but that’s not the real reason. It’s because I can’t stay focused on one build. Need proof? I have seven models I’m working on right now – and with the limited amount of time I have, that means some go for a month without getting any attention.

Here’s the lineup of losers, just so you can keep them straight:

Sword’s FM-2 Wildcat: the worst kit I’ll ever finish. She’s gloss-coated and awaits decals. Probably my nationals entry.

Hasegawa’s F-4B Phantom II: She’s painted but needs touch-ups. It was supposed to be a simple build, but this kit is over-engineered to a stunning degree. Do yourself a favor and wait for Mike Idacavage’ article in the next Journal explaining all the shortcuts to take on this model I wish I had.

Tamiya P-47D: Awaiting her natural metal finish, although the anti-glare panel’s done. Really, this should be finished. I have no excuse.

Tamiya P-51D-5: Also awaiting paint. Took a while to blend in the Obscureco wing, and moreso Tamiya’s own kit windscreen, but it’s ready to be given its first coat any day.

Azur Martin 167 Maryland: The interior’s completely scratchbuilt, the engines are modified, and the model’s been under assembly for more than four years. Next up come the nose glazing and the addition of the wings. A real ordeal.

Academy P-40E Warhawk: I’m hoping to dash this baby out by August as well, as part of the Friends of the Aces event in Sacramento. It’ll be Jim Morehead’s fairly boring No. 61, but it invites weathering.

Academy Ford GPA Jeep: This just needs the cargo in the back – a beer keg, a flat of beer bottles and some wine bottles – to get dressed up a little. Prieser does a neat set of this kind of stuff; it’ll turn my S-2 jeep into the group party wagon.

How do I pick what to work on? Just by the luck of the draw. Virtually. I can’t decide, so I play computer solitaire – eight games, the high score wins. Each project has a number assigned to it. Very OCD. Although my desk is evidence that I don’t suffer from any kind of compulsion toward cleanliness. But, once decals are on that FM-2, the deal is off: that one is the priority and I will focus on finishing it. Like I said, this is a horrible kit; Roy Sutherland made a comment about me having huge cajones for taking it this far, but honestly, it just requires pure bloody-mindedness, not oversized glands of any type. Anyone stupid enough not to stop building it could get the kit this far.  

I also have about 1400 more models breathing down my neck, but it’s like being an alcoholic: one kit at a time. I’ll post updates here and there on the progress of these seven babies, plus news about my books and the research for them. So, if you like models but hate history, my apologies. And if you like history but hate models, again I apologize. This is a niche blog.

35 Days to the Nationals…



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  1. Chris,

    NIce to see another modeling blog. I’ll add a link to it at my blog.


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