The horror that is yellow

This weekend was a total washout in the modeling realm. My wife decided to have some people over for dinner on Sunday night, so the entire weekend was devoted to cleaning the house and buying the stuff needed for Sunday. I snuck in about 40 minutes of work but it was non-productive.

The reason was yellow paint. I hate that stuff, especially gloss yellow. I attempted to paint the propeller tips for the FM-2, the P-47, the P-51D and the P-40 — along with my P-47’s canopy and cowling — but I could never get a satisfying mix of thinner to paint. It was always either blotchy (too thick) or runny (too thin). I’ll have to try again tonight.

By the way, the secret to good propellers is to paint the smallest areas first, then mask. For instance, I paint the prop tips yellow, then mask, then the blades. In the case of the P-47 prop, I paint the tips yellow, then mask, then the hub whatever color it was painted, then mask that, then the blades, then mask, then the silver hardware around the hub. Then carefully un-mask.

I also got the FM-2’s wheels finished — de-flattened True Details wheels. So the weekend was not a total loss.


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