Modeling time usurped by Batman, Steve Carrell and God

Not a lot of modeling this week – the niece is not helping. Monday, she dragged us to see “The Dark Knight,” and last night she insisted that we watch “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Tuesday I had a church council meeting, although I did get a chance to apply the flat insignia yellow to the prop tips, and I got a couple of Obscureco orders packaged up and ready to mail. The nationals push for me isn’t just to finish a model but to get the Obscureco inventory together for the show. We have two or maybe three things that will be new for the show (and more, I guess, since there’s some stuff that’s not on the Obscureco website yet), so I’ll have to make instructions up on top of it all. It’s all got to be done by July 31, when I’ll ship it all off to Virginia Beach. A tip of the hat to Lynn Ritger – a slug of 332nd FG books is already on its way to him, because Random House’s shipping is… well, kind of random. If the books got to Virginia Beach too early, the convention center would have sent them back. Also, I like to get all the back orders out – it helps when people aren’t asking me about their stuff in person. Of corse, a lot of my outstanding orders are from places like Belgium, Switzerland and Kwajalein (no joke), so I suspect they won’t be at the show, but it’s just good commercial karma to get ’em out before you head off to the nationals.

Anyhow, that’s all just whining. My goal for tonight, Friday and Saturday is to attack the FM-2 list and cross off most of the items. I won’t have it done for the Yuba City contest – and I’ll take some time to add cargo to my jeep so it’s competitive (by covering up the gruesome seam in the rear bed)– but it should be done a week later.

By the way… Telling your wife that all you want for your birthday is some time to work on a model is not a useful or effective way of preserving domestic tranquility. My birthday’s on July 29, and so we’ll probably be doing something special – maybe going to a Giants game, maybe eating at the Wood Tavern. Any other time of the year, this would be great. The week before the nationals? It gets hectic.

12 Days to the Nationals…


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