FM-2 Spotted for Launch

Well, the FM-2’s as done as it’s likely to get, less some small things (aerial) and a bit of weathering (pastel exhaust staining). It was a big fight all weekend. I can tell you a few things:

  • True Details’ wheels are too damned skinny. If I spot a Dragon folded-wing version of the F4F, I’m buying it for the wheels, which will be resin-copied for that new model and for all my other Wildcats, this one included.
  • The books all fail to point out that the wing-top lights are colored, green and red. I found that out from a DVD on the Wildcat that showed the Museum of Naval Aviation’s Wildcat in detail that I thought was quite useless when I first saw it – thanks, pause button!
  • You always lose one gun barrel into the wings when adding them at the end of the build. Always.

Anyhow, now my attentions turn to my Motorcycle and Jeep and how to display them. The tops of shaving cream cans painted flat black seems like a great option. Also, my dad bought me a neat little shepherd’s crook-style streetlight that I may be able to lean the bike against, and that would be a great way to display it. If I have time, I’ll make up a “WAR’S OVER!” copy of “Stars and Stripes” and pose that against the far side of the post, too. Can you have a diorama with no figures?

My plane leaves at 7:10 tomorrow and by 6:45 local time I’ll be in Virginia Beach.

2 days to the nationals!


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