Nationals Shopping List

  • Xtrakits Canberra PR.9 (I have a Matchbox kit waiting to be thrown away… it’s re-scribed and was going to become an Obscureco subject. I think I’ll switch my attention to this new kit instead…)
  • Beer
  • Xtrakits Sea Vixen (An awesome-looking beast. This is one I’ve really been looking forward to.)
  • Beer
  • Tamiya P-47s, razorback and bubbletop (I keep building these things – now, I need them for product displays!)
  • Beer
  • Dragon F4F-4 Wildcat (for the wheels – see below.)
  • Beer
  • Whatever Cobra Company has in 1:72 (they’re good, those guys!)
  • Beer
  • Fresh supply of new decals (Starting with Twobobs; I only have 18 pounds of decals already.)
  • Beer
  • The special convention products (How did they know I love lifting bodies and A-4 variants?)
  • Beer
  • CMK position lights, 1:72 figure heads, etc. (You never know when you need these…)
  • Beer
  • Pavla PV-1 detail set (I never got my mitts on one of these – I need ‘em for a Neptune I plane to do someday.)
  • Beer

That’s about all I actually need…


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