Bow down before the Silver Sharpie

A couple of years ago, Randy Ray tipped me off to the Silver Sharpie. That would be a pen that writes with silver ink; I use capitals because it is so super useful. I bow down before the Silver Sharpie! It is truly a gift from the modeling gods.

Apparently, the modelers in Denver have been worshipping the Silver Sharpie for some time. That’s where Randy brought the idea back from. Here’s how it works: you have a seam, you fill it, you sand it, you polish it – you apply the Silver Sharpie. Like a judge from on high, it tells you whether the seam is filled or the surface is sufficiently polished. It never lies. It is… the Silver Sharpie.

It works the same way a coat of natural metal paint works – any surface blemish will be amplified and thus easier to see and correct. Believe me – after several models with natural metal finishes, I know only too well how these errors remain hidden until painting. The Silver Sharpie is like that, only you don’t have to clean your airbrush or strip the paint.

Worried about a ghost seam across the top of the fuselage? Check it with the Silver Sharpie. Concerned that the wing root may have a pit or a gap? Hit it with the Silver Sharpie. Worried about the windscreen-to-fuselage interface? Silver Sharpie that mofo.

You can use it to check progress of stubborn seams periodically. You can use it to make sure your horizontals are cleanly joined to the fuselage. You can use it to label the tops of your Model Master paint jars. That is the glory that is the Silver Sharpie.

The other night, before deciding to pitch the CMK P-40E interior set into the trash, I discovered one more divine secret of the Silver Sharpie. The raised wires on the floor of this set were shown to be silver in photos; once the floor had been painted in interior green, I ran the Silver Sharpie over the wires. The result was a set of precisely delineated wires in silver! Oh Silver Sharpie, is there anything you can’t do?


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  2. There is also a silver Sharpie paint pen that can be quite useful. I am known around here as Mr. Sharpie because I once coloured a whole airplane with Sharpies…just for fun. Outside of the silver Sharpie, none remained on my modeling bench…

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