Worst Kung-Fu Movie Title Ever: Enter the Firefly

The next model to move into my seven-at-a-time rotation: The Fairey Firefly. (Yes, John Heck, it did with the great multi-bracket round-robin computer solitaire tournament, defeating the P-51D in the final.) I’m not sure which Firefly I’ll do, although I lean toward a Korean War machine (And that would most likely be a Mk. V), and I have both the Special Hobby and Octopus kits… Does anyone have any suggestions for references and/or aftermarket parts to spruce up a 1:72 Firefly? I already have the “Sea Fury/Firefly/Venom In Australian Service” book, and the Grub Street publication “Sea Furies and Fireflies Over Korea.” (By the way, get a look at the price on this on Amazon. I’ll sell it to you for $33 less than that!) Any other Firefly-specific titles come to mind?

By the way, this blog post will be a neat way to calculate exactly how long it takes me to finish a model. The date of the initial commitment is now etched in stone/electrons. Please wait at least 18 months before starting with the taunts.



  1. 18 months? Heck I dream of finishing a project in 18 months!

  2. 18 months…yea I’ll have the shrink wrap off by then…

    As for the Firefly…Special Hobby all the way. The Octopus (which is a Mk. I) is only good to throw on the ice at a Wings game…

  3. Jim,
    You’ll have to explain that “Octopus on the ice thing at hockey games” I’ve never seen it at a normal sport like Football or Baseball. My current Hunter project is just shy of 18 months right now.

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