Stars and Scratches

Well, I did get some quality time in with the P-51D this weekend, painting the nose insignia blue, glosscoating that area and then applying the eight star decals. I then put another generous coat of gloss, and I’ll flat coat it before masking it off before applying the anti-glare panel. They came out pretty well, as the photo attests.

I also did some work on this week’s subject, the Tamiya P-47. I actually shot some metallizer aluminum on it – and discovered a whole bunch of stupid little blemishes. Scratches, drops of CA glue, un-finished scribed lines and on and on. I spent a lot of time sanding out problems and polishing the model back to readiness; I suspect the extended build time has allowed these little screwups to affect the build. Only one thing’s gone well: the cowling. You can get some early gratification on P-47s by finishing the cowling first.

That’s an EagleCals decal there, on a coat of insignia yellow that’s been glosscoated with Varathane. The masking covers the antiglare panel and protects the cowl flaps, which will be natural metal. I have P-47 construction down into phases:

1. Cockpit
2. Airframe assembly
3. Airframe prep for paint
4. Cowling, engine and prop
5. Trim color painting
6. Natural metal painting
7. Gear, bombs, pitot and canopy

That shows about how far from being done this plane actually is! Well, more work will come this week; the canopy and prop are done, the wheels are painted and the EagleCals decals are just joyous to work with, so this one may gain its own momentum once the paint’s on.


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  1. Glad to see your making progress on the early D. I can’t get motivated here ( last model finished was Little One III from May) just need to prime mine to see what needs attention. I plan to do it in the prototype D that was O.D. & Gray with Yellow Spinner.


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