The most expensive decal sheet I ever bought

Well, I just bit the bullet and paid (well, Obscureco paid!) for a little present for all my friends in the IPMS, and my friends in the 362nd Fighter Group Association by extension. The gift: a decal sheet covering one P-47D in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 scales, which will be inserted into one of the next two issues of the IPMS/USA Journal (depending on logistics) following the delivery of the nationals issue (which is at the printers and headed out to the public as I type). The full story will be revealed at the time when the Journal arrives with the decal in it; let me just drop a few teasers about it:

1. The nose art was painted by George Rarey, but was not one of the items the late Damon Rarey had on his wonderful and now sadly defunct website tribute to his father. In fact, when I showed him the photo of the aircraft in question, Damon exclaimed, “My father never painted any girlie art!!!” But, says the pilot, indeed he did.

2. George did a study for this pilot – but the original idea was scrapped.

3. The pilot of this plane hadn’t seen a photo of his aircraft for 62 years until I sent him a scan of the photo after I interviewed him; I asked if, by chance, was “________” his airplane, and one thing led to another. A few months later, at the 362nd Fighter Group reunion in Portland, Oregon, I presented him with a set of profiles of his plane done by IPMS’s own Jack Morris, who did the decal artwork.

That’s all I’m going to say, beyond this: My goal is to demonstrate to other modeling companies the value of doing decals for the Journal. If twice or three times a year a nice sheet is included, it will add a lot of value to the publication and, for the sponsors, allow them to build their relationships with the 4500 most ardent scale modelers in the country. The beautiful thing is that several vendors I’ve spoken to informally have thought the idea was great. So, if you aren’t a member and like P-47s, it’s time to head over to the IPMS/USA website and get yourself current…


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