362nd decals in the blessed 1:72 scale

I had a comment on the blog from a family member of a 362nd FG pilot asking about where one could find profiles of the planes of the 378th FS. That’s a tough one – at least, until I convince someone to publish my book on the group. Profiles are closely related to model decals, since smart artists (like Tom Tullis) can maximize their efforts by using the graphics applications they’re using to make profiles to extract markings for decals. Anyway, I’m especially interested in decals for 362nd FG P-47s, and I plan on building as many as I can (thank you, Tamiya, for your kit, which makes my life much easier). Here are the 1:72 decals that I know of, synopsized briefly.

AeroMaster 1998 IPMS/USA Convention Special
P-47D-11 42-75465 “Damon’s Demon,” flown by Capt. George Rarey
P-47D “Wheelboy”/“Tennessee Cannonball,” flown by Lt. Ken McCleary
P-47D “Slo Joe,” flown by Lt. Joe Jensen
P-47D “Dudge,” flown by Lt. Robert Doty
P-47D-30 “5 By 5,” flown by Col. Joe Laughlin

Eagle Strike 72-055, 362nd FG Jugs Part 1
P-47D-22 “Carol Ann,” flown by Col. Morton Magoffin
P-47D-27 “Shirley Jane,” flown by Capt. Edwin O. Fisher
P-47D-28 “Bonnie,” flown by Lt. Gene Martin

Eagle Strike 72-058, 362nd FG Jugs Part 2
P-47D-30 “Gooch,” possibly flown by Lt. Kenneth Caldwell
P-47D-30 “Why Pick on Me?,” flown by Lieutenant Robert V. McCormick
P-47D-25 “Chuck’s Wagon”/“Victory First,” flown by Lt. Chuck Mann

SuperScale 72-598
P-47D-20 “My Gal Sal,” flown by Lt. Joe Hodges

EagleCals EC-104
P-47D-38 “Chief Seattle,” flown by Lt. Ray Murphy

I’ve already built “Damon’s Demon,” “Carol Ann” and “Chuck’s Wagon,” and “Chief Seattle” is coming along. I really need to shift my attention slightly – I’ve met or spoken on the phone with Bob Doty, Mort Magoffin, Joe Laughlin and Gene Martin, so I should hop on Gene’s plane next, since he’s the last of these gentlemen with us. As I blogged earlier this week, another 362nd FG Jug will be on the IPMS/USA Journal special sheet, making 14 of the group’s planes available in this scale.

I have a lot of other useful material that I plan to pass on to a decal manufacturer soon so that more of the George Rarey – painted planes will become available to razorback fans. Meanwhile, progress remains slow on the current P-47 project… I can’t wait to not do a natural metal subject for a change!