Modeling is Life. The rest is just time not spent modeling

Not a lot of modeling is going on right now (which accounts for a lack of photos, David Knights!), between election day, a couple of workouts and last night hanging out with the dudes at the hobby shop. I got my mitts on Accurate Miniatures’ Predator UAV – what a cool subject! Wingspan greater than a P-51, but no cockpit, no wheel wells, and a one-color paint scheme – it ought to be a quick build. I may get all AMS on it and add pylons and Hellfire missiles, or I might just build it as-is. It’s pretty neat.

I’m also in the middle of reading Launch the Intruders, a book about VA-75’s deployment to Yankee Station in 1972. It’s not a modeler’s book but it is a terrific read, especially for a former navy puke like me who doesn’t have to go back to the glossary and look up the acronyms every paragraph. I’m about 75 percent through; I’ll give you a full report once I’m done.


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