When I say “break right,” I don’t mean part of the model…

The Phantom saga continues. The latest drama is that there’s a split seam that spans both a natural metal area and a decal. The only good news is that I can probably repair it from behind; the fit of the parts is so tight that I should be able to get it lined up and then use CA glue to hold the pieces in place. I’m not telling you where it is, since some of you may be judges (wink, wink) – although it’ll probably end up looking like a panel line at worst.

I have a ton of little white bits on my workbench right now just waiting to be stuffed into areas on the bottom of the plane. I’ll put in the nose bay’s parts first; I’ll probably add some additional plumbing in there, followed by a heavy wash. This area seemed to get pretty messy in use. The mains will go on next. I have to add the photoetched brake lines and whatnot before these go in, but I’ll leave off the anti-torque scissors on the nose gear until later.

Another side effect of the over-engineered nature of the Hasegawa kit is that I’ve found flash in many areas (after painting them, usually). The mains both suffered from a serious mold slip that made them somewhat less than easy to work with, and areas like the inside of the missile rails have pronounced flash and mold mis-match. Very uncool.

The good news is that the masking on the windscreen is off and it came out okay. I’m going to do the clamshells at the same time as the Sidewinders, because they’ll both need to be glosscoated prior to decaling.

Have I mentioned that I’m looking forward to going back to something simple, like a P-40? I like jets, but this model is making me pine for the prop jobs…


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