P-47 Aces coming to Belmont in May

I had heard rumors to this effect, but yesterday I received the official news: the next Northern California Friends of the Aces event is a symposium on May 17 at the Hiller Aviation Museum in Belmont, California featuring five P-47 Thunderbolt aces. As a P-47 fan, I’m really excited about this.

The aces scheduled for the panel (and their most notable aicraft) are:
Capt. Bob Booth, 369th FS, 359th FG (8 victories, P-47D 42-8695 IV-F “Oily Boid”)
Capt. Richard Fleischer, 348th FG (6 victories)
Lt. Frank McCauley, 61st FS, 56th FG(5.5 victories, P-47C 41-6271 HV-Z “Rat Racer”)
BGen. Les Smith, 61st FS, 56th FG (7 victories, P-47D 42-26044 HV-Z “Silver Lady”)
LtCol. David Thwaites, 361st FS, 356th FG (6 victories P-47D 42-26457 QI-L “Polly”)

It would be neat to get together a display of P-47 Aces’ aircraft for this event; I already have Morton Magoffin’s “Carol Ann II” and Bill Dunham’s “Bonnie,” and I’m sure someone in our region has “Silver Lady,” which is a natural metal razorback. I’ll work on getting a display together starting just after the contest on Saturday.

For more information on the symposium, e-mail ncf@hot-shot.com and tell them Chris sent you!


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