Random pre-holiday stuff

Some collected odds and ends:

Memorial Day Weekend always involves these two things: 1. the flag on the front of the house all three days and 2. watching the Indianapolis 500 from start to finish. The rest of the weekend, I’ll improvise.

Negotiations with Elizabeth proved fruitful and I will have two and a half hours of uninterrupted scale modeling on Saturday.

In a related note, the backordered Falcon canopy set that includes the Maryland’s canopy arrived from Roll Models this week. Thank you, Roll Models! I was afraid this would have gone into back-order purgatory, but you coaxed the New Zealanders to send a new order. I am grateful. (I also got some photoetch for my Mustang, the new A-1 Skyraider units book from Osprey and Aires’ English Electric Lightning exhaust set, so there’s a little preview of future activity.)

Gene Martin sent me eight excellent photos from his time in the 379th Fighter Squadron, 362nd Fighter Group from around April 1945. Four showed him and his living conditions (tent!), and four showed his P-47 “Bonnie Lynn.” If you’ve seen the Aeromaster sheet with “Bonnie,” this is the same plane, only with the addition of “Lynn” to commemorate Bob Shaw’s daughter, a yellow surround to the codes and a yellow cheat line down each side of the anti-glare panel. It is one sharp Thunderbolt. I will start bugging Roy Sutherland of Barracudacals immediately.

Gene also sent his log book, which helped fill in a lot of blanks regarding the 379th, and I also had an e-mail interview with Joe Hunter of the 378th which I’m currently working into the text. Joe provided details on his three victories and some great insight into the ground attack mission. Totally invaluable stuff! I’ve said that the only bad part of finishing a book is that I no longer have an obvious excuse to talk to these veterans, and that’s very much the case with this project.

Last night I picked up IBG’s Chevrolet C15A No. 13 General Service Truck in 1:72; I believe I saw a long-bed version of this vehicle at El Alamein (actually, a Ford-manufactured version of this vehicle; the two companies used a common cab pattern) and again in photos of the 332nd Fighter Group’s ground crews. It might make a nice conversion and diorama item. Here’s the truck in Egypt:



I took a lot more photos of this vehicle (and a second one like it that had been turned into a half-assed APC with the addition of two sheets of 1/8-inch steel  around the bed) not knowing what it was or whether a kit existed. This particular vehicle was apparently found on the Libyan border around 1998, with the driver’s body still in it and the bed loaded with supplies and ammo. After it was towed to El Alamein and the wiring harness was replaced and some oil was added, the engine actually turned over. The major difference between the cab here and the kit is the Ford logo in place of the Chevrolet bow tie!


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