Week of modeling snowed out, but PR Spitfire speculation is allowed

Last week, I went to Washington D.C. for business, and as anyone who follows the news knows, the weather there was rather over the top. I was supposed to leave on Wednesday but instead got home Friday thanks to two very impressive snowstorms that left me stranded and closed things I would have liked to go to, like the Udvar-Hazy wing of the National Air and Space Museum and the National Archives. Even if they’d been open, I couldn’t have gotten to them. Needless to say, this also took a toll on my scale modeling, since all my stuff was about 3000 miles away.

I did bring the On Target Profiles book on Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires, which I plan to review for the IPMS/USA Journal. One of the more immediately interesting sections was on the Spitfire PR.XIX, since Airfix just put out a kit of this aircraft that, with a bit of accurizing and a coat of Mr. Surfacer to tone down the panel lines, could make into a very nice model.

The book has a bunch of PR. XIXs – 12 of them, to be exact. All were very attractive, so I had my wife pick out one that my model will eventually represent. Her two picks were both overall PRU blue machines: a Turkish PR. XIX and an RAF machine from 541 Squadron in November of 1944, which wears wrap-around ID bands on the fuselage. That’ll be the one I’ll build, since I plan on doing two Turkish planes (an F-16 and a C-160 Transall) already, and since I really like ID bands on my aircraft.

A friend’s already working on this model and said he’d give me parts for a correction set for some of the Airfix kit’s few shortcomings, so I’ll have to remind him of that before I start my model. I’ll also have to nudge Roy Sutherland of Barracudecals/Cooper Details fame and see if I can get him to do a late-model Spitfire interior set.

I already have a Spitfire Mk. I in my collection; if I do a PR.XIX, then I just have to fill in everything in between to complete the collection. Never let it be said I lack ambition!


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