Modeling tips: simple scribing on the wing-fuselage fillet

Here’s a great tip from Stan Pearce about fixing panel lines along wing roots. Stan figured it out while working on a 1:48 Spitfire – so envision that wing-to-fuselage transition. Now, here’s Stan in his own words:

Ever have that pesky wing-fuselage fillet joint, where you have to do some sanding? The sanding either removes all of the panel line, or leaves portions or even worse, an inconsistent panel line that needs addressing?

That’s the situation I had. You can try and completely sand away the panel line (which is usually incorrect) or you can replace it.

But rescribing a curved line on a compound curved surface is difficult at best, and a straight edge works less than perfectly.

Here was my solution:

First, I laid a piece of green plaid-box Scotch tape (although any translucent tape you can see through will work) over the entire panel line, covering the line, the wing and the fillet.

Then I took a sharp number 2 lead pencil, and traced the panel line on top of the tape.

I removed the piece of tape from the aircraft, and stuck it on a thin piece of sheet styrene.

Then I used scissors to cut the tape/styrene on the pencil line.

Voila, a custom scribing guide.

I then taped the plastic guide to the wing, took my scriber and lightly ran it along the guide two or three times. Then I removed the guide, flipped it over, and repeated this on the opposite wing.

Presto, two perfectly scribed curved lines on a curved surface in all of about 7 or 8 minutes.


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