A message from the (Obscureco) management

Running your own little resin company is not as easy as you might assume. There’s a lot to do: make the masters, pour the molds, cast the parts, write the instructions, buy the packaging materials, box and bag everything, mail the orders, deal with inquiries, and do the marketing. That’s a bunch of stuff for a part-time job.

In Obscureco, I do all of that with the exception of pouring the molds and casting the parts. But that can become the issue. If my partner doesn’t come through, then I can’t get the rest of the process in motion. This can lead to situations like the one we face now, where I have orders awaiting parts. It can be somewhat frustrating.

A partnership in a part-time business is a little like having a band. It doesn’t matter how good your music is if the members won’t come to practice.

Anyhow, I’m assuming the role of the bullying boss on the assembly line, which is no fun. But I’m also off-loading some of the work, especially around new items; I am prepared to help Roy Sutherland wreck his new kitchen by bringing him on as a subcontractor. (The whole resin-and-rubber-stained kitchen thing is the reason I’m not doing it myself. Also, the smell is such that my wife would kill me, which would certainly adversely affect Obscureco deliveries.)

So, to the patient Obscureco customers out there, I apologize and I hope you’ll bear with us as we hash out these petty little issues.


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