Beep reaches its conclusion…

After a knock-down, dragged-out battle, the WC-52 Beep was completed yesterday, ready for today’s contest in Petaluma.

It did well in the contest, taking second. Sadly, it was not considered for the silk purse from a sow’s ear award; the basic kit was so terrible and badly shaped (and fit so poorly) it should have been in the running.

The decals came from the kit, the Academy Dragon Wagon and the Academy 2 1/2-ton truck. They were coerced into conforming to the surface with Solvaset.

The final touches were the windshield (scratch-built), the winch (with a home-made tow cable of braided steel wire) and the dash and steering wheel (made from various bits and bobs, including a spare data plate from a color photoetched set).

It’s finished as a vehicle used by the 379th Fighter Squadron, 362nd Fighter Group (using decals left over from my Jeep build, made by Norm Filer). Its final destination will be a diorama, I expect – but what that diorama will look like is not yet know to me. All I do know is that it will contain only one WC-52!


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