Next Northern California Friends of the Aces Event: May 29 in Vacaville

The next Northern California Friends of the Aces event will be a bit of a grab bag of experiences and theatres, but the people tentatively scheduled to speak are well worth hearing. The lineup for the event scheduled for May 29 at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre is:

Lt. Col. John Bolyard

Cdr. Clarence “Spike” Borley

Cdr. Lester Gray

Gen. F. Mike Rogers

Bolyard scored five victories flying with the 23rd Fighter Group in China, and he did so in the P-4oN and P-51 flying under the Command of “Tex” Hill. Borley flew Hellcats with VF-15 aboard Essex, and scored four kills in one mission, which concluded with his being rescued by a submarine. Gray scored his 5 kills flying the Hellcat and the Corsair from Intrepid with VF-10. Mike Rogers was a member of the Pioneer Mustang Group, the 354th Fighter Group, and downed 7 enemy planes. We modelers know him as the pilot of the P-51B “Beantown Banshee.”

The event’s only $25 – which is really a bargain, considering that the Friends of the Aces pays to transport and lodge these guests. I strongly encourage you to attend if you can – if you like history, airplanes, pilots and pilots flying airplanes who made history, these events should be marked in red on your calendar!

More information can be found at the Northern California Friends of the Aces website.


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