67 years ago: the 362nd goes after the German brass

After the weather grounded the group for almost a week, each squadron in the 362nd Fighter Group flew two full-strength armed recces in areas across the Rhine from Coblenz and Mainz on March 9. All bombs were dropped on rail targets with only fair results. That afternoon, the 377th Fighter Squadron was singled out for a mission attacking German commanders. Intelligence revealed that the German commander in the area had a conference scheduled between 1600 and 1700 in a large building on the island Ziegenburg near Bad Kreuznach. When the 377th arrived in the area, they found clouds and rain; Maj. Loren Herway went down to take a look and discovered a ceiling of only 300 feet, rain, and a large hill next to the target. The squadron ended up dropping bombs and firing rockets on rail targets north of Worms. The 378th conducted an armed reconnaissance around Limburg, destroying one truck after shooting up a 15-car train. Lt. Walter Stewart led a second mission to the rail yard at Diez, where they destroyed three box cars, and Elz, where no results could be observed. The 379th bombed a marshalling yard at Siegen with 500-pounders, but results of the 16-plane strike could not be observed other than the demolition of what was believed to be a power house.


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