68 years ago: “Red Dog” bags a rocket

During the Fourth Fighter Group’s sweep around Brunswick and Magdeburg on 2 November, 1944, “We sighted jets going up through the haze to attack the bombers and waited for them to come back down,” said Louis “Red Dog” Norley. When he spotted an Me 163, he followed the jet down. “The jet started to level off and make a port turn with his speed dropping considerably. I closed rapidly. Using the K-14 sight for the first time, I got a couple of strikes on his tail.” Norley overshot, pulled up, and got on the Me 163’s tail again. “At 400 yards I again got strikes on his tail. He rolled over and went straight down from 8000 feet with fire coming from his port side and exhaust. He crashed in a small village and exploded.” Lt. Fred Glover also destroyed an Me 163, and Lts. John Kolbe and Charles Brock each destroyed BF 109s.

Louis “Red Dog” Norley and his P-51D