Next Fighter Pilot Symposium: June 2 at the Hiller Museum

The Northern California Friends of the Aces (NCF) has announced its next – and possibly final –  symposium of American Fighter Pilot Aces, entitled simply “WWII USAAF Aces.”

On the docket to speak at this event are:

* MAJ Bill Allen  –  5 aerial victories, flying the P-51 (also flew combat in the P-38) withe the 343rd FS, 55th FG;

* COL Abner Aust – 5 aerial victories, flying the P-51 (the last pilot to achieve “ace” in WWII) with the 457th FS, 506th FG

* LT COL Frank Hurlbut – 9 aerial victories, flying the P-38 in the MTO with the 82nd FG

* MAJ Ralph Wandrey – 6 victories, flying the P-38 (flew many missions with Dick Bong) with the 9th FS, 49th FG

The event is June 2 at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California (601 Skyway Road, right out by the airport off Highway 101). The price is $30; I strongly suggest you reserve your space early by sending a check and the names of the folks in your party to:

Northern California Friends

PO Box 5943

Concord, CA 94524

These events are always interesting, and they represent your last chance to meet these aviators in person. Phil Schasker, the president of the NCF, says that it’s harder to get a quartet of aces to speak at these events, just because health and age work against such events. Once the pilots are there, though, the talk is vivid and animated; when you get four pilots speaking of events 70 years ago, they often jog each other’s memories and new stories untold for years come out.

Is anybody interested in staging a model display for this event? Let me know and I can coordinate it with the NCF!


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