68 years ago: the 4th FG scores its last victory of WWII

On 25 April, Col. Everett Stewart led the 4th Fighter Group on a fighter sweep to the Linz-Prague area, where Lt. William Hoelscher spotted an Me 262 and dove to attack. He scored strikes all over the jet, but while chasing it he was hit by a 40mm round over the Prague/Ruzyne Aerodrome that tore off the left elevator of his P-51D and had to bail out. Hoelscher landed amidst a group of Czech partisans, who hid him from the Germans. Hoelscher hitched rides on motorcycles, jeeps and airplanes to return to Debden on May 12. Hoelscher scored the group’s last victory and was its last loss of the war.

I mention this because this is the anniversary of the event – for a longer version, see this post featuring more detail. I have a couple of Mustangs on the workbench right now; one will become “Bunny”/”Miss Kentucky State” flown by Roscoe Brown of the 332nd FG, and the other will become Hoelscher’s machine. Stay tuned as the assembly line creaks into action…


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