69 years ago: the 357th’s Peterson makes ace

On April 30, 1944, while heading back to Lieston, the 363rd Fighter Squadron saw a box of bombers under attack by a swarm of German fighters. “Six Fw 190s came through my section head-on,” reported “Bud” Anderson. “Two broke down and the others turned right. By using 20 degrees of flaps and full throttle, I pulled around on their tails in one turn and started firing. It must’ve scared the hell out of them as they all hit the deck. I then picked out two together and followed, attacking the last man and getting three good bursts. I had to pull up as I was overrunning him. He straightened out and ran; I then rolled back and followed. As I closed in again, a blue-nosed P-51 came in very steep and fast in front of me. He pulled up and out, the Fw 190 pulled up and the pilot bailed out and the ship crashed. I don’t even know if the blue nose even fired.” Anderson’s victory was one of nine the group scored that day; the other victories fell to Capt. Joe Broadhead and Lts. Robert Becker, Gilbert O’Brien, Joseph Pierce and Lt. Richard Peterson, who downed two to make “ace.”

Bud Anderson recounts an air battle for ground crew

Bud Anderson recounts an air battle for ground crew


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