Reality bites

Well, the P-40’s way behind schedule – I’ll never finish it in time to have it ready for the 31st of August. Ugh. It’ll join the list of partially-finished models and plod along to completion. Depressing, really.

The good news is that the FM-2 is nearly done – and not just done enough for the nationals, but really done. I’ve obtained some Dragon wheels, the landing gear is rebuilt, the antenna aerial is rigged, and the prop is back in place. I have some minor touch-ups to do, and the canopy needs to be re-added and I’m replacing the machine gun barrels, but that’s a short 40-minute session of work. In the meantime, here’s a photo of the model as it appeared at the IPMS Nationals:

It’ll look much better shortly.

Another sign that I am failing to keep up with the times: I was excited to get Academy’s new 1:72 Me 262 last night, and I check for a review on-line to get a feel for what I’d bought. Apparently, this came out almost exactly a year ago! New, huh? What was I thinking…?

Meanwhile, the tourney to choose the next build subject continues. We have another interesting matchup – P-51D vs. B-17…