69 years ago: the 357th FG goes Stork hunting

On 20 June, Blue Flight of the 364th Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group was escorting the heavies to Ostermoore when they heard a report of a straggling B-24 under attack. “Upon reaching the scene of combat, I took an enemy aircraft off a P-51’s tail,” said Capt. Richard Smith. “A long stern chase began, (during which) I could close and fire at will. I fired short bursts, observing good strikes every time. Pieces of the enemy aircraft came off and he started smoking, his engine stopped and he crash-landed in a field.”

Lt. Nicholas Frederick downed a Bf 109, then saw several P-51s chasing a Feisler Fi 156 at low altitude. “I got behind Lt. Merle Allen and saw him fire, observing strikes on the fuselage,” Frederick said. “The Storch kept flying and, since my guns were jammed, I forced the Storch into the ground by flying several feet above him. The prop wash apparently spun him in. The plane broke into many pieces.” Lt. John Salsman also scored one kill, and shared victories were credited to Maj. John Storch and Lt. Louis Fecher.

Later in the day, Lt. Heywood Spinks was knocked down by flak during a strafing mission. Spinks evaded capture and returned to Britain.