No modeling, just model parts

This week is an Obscureco week – four orders already sent, many more to come. A lot of people don’t realize I do Obscureco as a sideline – it’s not my real job. If it were, I’d be living in a tent somewhere. So I get lots of help (Elizabeth has been taking stuff to the post office, for instance, and Bill Ferrante’s cranked out a lot of parts, although we’re again out of A-6B conversions and Hamilton Standard props in 1:48) and I count on customers being a little understanding.

That said, people are mostly interested in what’s next. I’ve started work on an A-3 Skywarrior interior, and people are asking for A-3 slatted wings, too. But many have their own very specific desires. These are very difficult to meet, and often they’d prove bad investments of my time from a business perspective. On the other hand, the 1:72 P-47D-10 conversion Roy Sutherland cooked up for us just needs some instructions, so that will be yet another new product this year. Still, carving out a little time to work on this stuff can be rough; it’s easy to be a victim of one’s own pseudo-success.

Speaking of pseudo-successes, Roy Sutherland is reviving Cooper Details with some great 1:72 cockpit sets for the Bf 109E, F and G. He’s also cranking out a bunch of decals under the Barracudacals logo (the as-yet unfinished website will be here ). Roy deserves your support; he helped start the whole resin aftermarket industry and he does very good work. He also does some subcontracting for Obscureco when we have an excess of demand. I also extend my thanks to him for casting up some copies of Dragon’s 1:72 F4F wheels for my FM-2, which took a third at this weekend’s Tri-Valley Classic in Fremont. Roy delivered them at 11:45 p.m. in a Denny’s parking lot, which is going well beyond the call of duty.